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Right up until last year Capponi had by no means set foot in Haiti. An avid surfer, he was more familiar with the well-known resorts next door in the Dominican Republic, exactly where he liked to go for the waves.

This shows Capponi as a philanthropist wherein he really wants to help other people. In connection to this, Capponi also deals with technologies and he also excels on this field.

There are several factors that make the modern world go round. Technology is the leading one. A luxury app called InList is changing nightlife dynamics. Enterpreneur Michael Capponi the genius behind revitalizing the Miami nightlife ecosystem is at it again with this innovation. His partnership with software engineer prodigy Gideon Kimbrell has developed a tool for convenience. It is a fee-free membership only club. The app works based on location and input from seasoned hospitality ambassadors.


The exclusive list of VIP members includes celebrities and elites from around the world. They have overwhelmingly received the app well by downloading it over 100,000 times since it was launched. It offers them sought-after anonymity while connecting with chic experiences. From the moment members land in cities such as New York, Ibiza, and Dubai, they can set-up the evening at a variety of venues. Smartphones become a concierge assistant to restaurants, night clubs, galas, and more.